Having had no previous knowledge of places to visit while in Europe, we thought what better a place to visit than the city that birthed one of the greatest musicians to ever live, Mozart, obviously. This was to be our second to last big trip of the summer so we really wanted to make it count. We flew from Rome to Munich, Germany to save a couple bucks and took the train to Salzburg, Austria the following day. In Munich we thought we'd fit in a bit of history and education by touring the Dachau Concentration Camp. As a photographer, it's in my nature to want to photograph things that intrigue me, though I do have boundaries. Out of respect I chose not to photograph the camp. It boggled my mind to see others taking smiling family photos in front of where millions of innocent people were kept prisoners. Though it was extremely moving to see how well they've preserved the camp for visitors to be reminded of such a harsh past, and for those that lost to remember and pay respect to their lost loved ones. 

We trained into Salzburg in the evening, so we missed a lot of the scenery coming into the city. What a magical thing it was to wake up the next morning and see the architecture in all of its glory. We walked into the center from our hostel, picked up a light breakfast from the supermarket, and found our tour group that would lead us around the city by bike. Though no ordinary bike tour, this was specific to the spots around the city where the well known film The Sound of Music was filmed. The bikes were anything but graceful as we rode around clamorously through the streets, approaching the occasional intermediate level hill suitable for those between the ages of 13 and 54. The night before I'd practiced my American charm on a group of Austrian students I'd met at the hostel who invited me to have a few drinks with them. Naturally I chose to walk my bike up the hill having not been in the mental state necessary to exert such copious amounts of physical energy after a night out with the locals~ 

It's hard to pick a favorite city, but Salzburg is definitely in my top 3 for a number of reasons. First and foremost the city itself is an incredible site to see, with a rich history and a lot of culture everywhere you look. It's very walkable, the weather is gorgeous in the summertime, the people are so friendly and not to mention good looking, and the food is excellent (if you know where to look that is). TripAdvisor rarely disappoints.