Sulla Costa di Amalfi


Gennaio / January

The first few days of the new year were spent exploring the breathtaking mediterranean views from the cliffs of the Amalfi peninsula. We drove about 2.5 hours from Scapoli and arrived right when the sun was setting. I've barely seen enough of the world to make a well rounded opinion, but this absolutely a destination not to be overlooked. It's always been at the top of my list to visit the Amalfi Coast. A true paradise - I never thought I'd be lucky enough to see it with my family, let alone have my meals paid for ;)

PositanoSorrento, and Amalfi are the three villages that make up the entirety of the coast. We chose to stay at Hostel Brikette, a charming place to stay a few nights situated right at the peak of the mountain that runs 1400 meters straight down to the sea. 

As it was just the beginning of January, the off season weather wasn't in our favor. It rained on and off for the two days we spent in town - not very conducive for scaling up and down a 1400 meter staircase (several times). Though after the 5 course meal we ate for lunch the exercise probably did us good. I have plans to visit Sorrento and the island of Capri in mid April with one of my girlfriends so new pictures and videos are in store!  

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