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Fall 2013

Digital Photography


This series is a supplement to my dream sequence video series (work in progress). Symbols and misconstrued imagery make up the language of dreams. They invoke feelings, ideas, and meaning to an otherwise subconscious thought. Sometimes revealing hidden secrets, desires, and needs deep within oneself. But how do we visualize a dream? It's ephemerality is what makes dreaming so powerful. In a matter of seconds, the dream is gone. It's unknown if it'll ever reappear. Most often, a non linear path is taken within a dream. In one instance you're in a room with people, in the next you're completely alone or in a different place or mindset entirely. The imagery your mind allows you to see and the way each individual interprets those images based on their personal experiences is what dictates the subconscious and how the interpretation is lead. 

This work in progress is an attempt at visualizing the unvisualized. The journey of thought in a state of sleeping is fascinating in its mystery. What is behind the things we see in our brain and how do we decipher between what's real and what isn't?